Intellectual Property Law Specialists                               


South Africa and Africa

Dr Samantha Gregory Attorneys is a specialist Intellectual Property law firm that is located within the designated eight kilometer radius of the High Court in Pretoria and carries out service across South Africa and Africa.

In light of our area of specialisation and position we wish to bring to your attention the following Agent IP Portfolio Management (APM) services that are of relevance to your practice and client.

-     Filing and prosecution of South African provisional and complete patent applications, Convention and PCT         national phase applications. Kindly note that filing a provisional patent application in South Africa is a very        cost effective means of acquiring a priority date.

-     PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty): filing and prosecution from priority application to national phase grant.

-     Novelty and infringement searches in respect of patent and registered design subject matter.

-     Novelty and infringement opinions.

-     Restoration of lapsed patent and design registrations, within the provisions of the South African legislation.

-     Filing and prosecuting of Trade Mark applications both locally and in foreign jurisdictions, including African        countries.

-     Trade Mark availability searches.

-     Licensing and assignment of Intellectual Property rights.

-     Filing and prosecution of local and foreign Registered Design applications.

-     Copyright Registrations, where applicable.

-     Litigation (areas of expertise available on request).

Value added services:

-     Renewals of patents, trade marks and registered designs.

-     Monitoring services.

Dr Samantha Gregory Attorneys has longstanding and well-established relationships with all lodging and litigation offices, including daily filing services at the Patent and Trade Marks office.


For a discussion on a pending matter with our patent attorney please contact us.